Disposition of the organ

The small organ
Oude Kerk Amsterdam

Hans Wolf Schonat, known particularly for his large organ in the Nieuw Kerk, built a new small organ in the Oude Kerk in about 1658 to replace the instrument built by Hendrik Niehof in 1545.
The instrument was removed from its case in 1823, some of Schonat's pipework being used in the construction of an organ in the Zuiderkerk. After this church had been declared redundant, the Zuiderkerk organ, robbed of its case and action, was removed to the Gereformeerde Oosterkerk in Aalten in 1941. From Aalten the remains of the old pipework went to the Willebrordkerk in Oestgeest in 1977, where they were included in the new Metzler organ.

In 1964 - 65 the organ builders Ahrend & Brunzema built a new instrument in the empty Schonat case of 1658, taking the stop list of the original organ, as mentioned by Hess (1774), as basis (with the addition of the Gemshoorn 2 ft.).